What's waiting for you there?


If you are tempted to go to Bordeaux, but you have no experience with the wines from there, I recommend tasting them first. Then decide whether it's worth investing your time and money in a trip.


So get one or a couple of bottles, taste them, and only then consider the trip.

Buy the bottles wherever you want. There are plenty of shops and e-stores.

But since I too have experienced the martyrdom of deciding whether to buy this or that bottle and, having no guidance, often get burned, I offer here the possibility of buying wines verified.

I mainly buy the ones that come out with the best price/performance ratio, which is wippix (more here).

Each of these bottles has been through more than one tasting, by me and my friends who travel to Bordeaux with me.


I don't sell wines that don't stand up in a tasting.