A true village feast, the highlight of which is the tasting of this charming sweet wine... Would you like to come? Then come and enjoy a beautiful June day, with your family or friends. You can get away from it all and taste great wine!

Imagine... a beautiful Saturday, dressed in white and yellow (which is the "dress code") in a nice shady square, with the sound of a band enlivening the good-natured crowd with its music, enjoying one of the culinary offerings of the food trucks present. Children will enjoy the games available to them, as well as a ride in a horse-drawn carriage or a tour of the vineyards on electric all-terrain scooters, you will test your oenological skills and knowledge in workshops for adults and, above all...

Thanks to the €8 "tasting pass", you can discover or rediscover the variety of aromas of this complex and multifaceted wine while tasting the wines of the 20 winemakers present.

On this journey to the gold of Sauternes, you will be guided through various wineries, from a family estate of 5 hectares to a Grand Cru Classé. The passion is at all levels!

And to make the day unforgettable, a firework display at dusk will finish your escapade in a brilliant and noisy way.

Meet at 11am in Sauternes in the square in front of the Maison du Sauternes, which will also be inaugurated after renovation. A new setting that will welcome all wine lovers and/or tourists all year round.


These were the words that enticed us to visit Sauternes in 2022. When we arrived there in the intense heat of 18 June, there was not a soul in the square. The event was cancelled. We didn't blame the organizers, because doing an outdoor event when it's 42°C in the shade wouldn't be very reasonable. We gratefully ducked into the air-conditioned shop of the local winemakers "La Maison du Vigneron", where fortunately no one was there and the lady boss could only attend to us. While the nice lady pulled bottle after bottle out of the fridge and gave us a taste, we listened intently to her explanation of how the sweet wine of Sauternes is grown, harvested and made. She knew all about it because she herself is from a family that owns one such winery. After an enjoyable hour, we made a decent sale to the lady and limped back to base.


The list of Châteaux that were to attend the event (Sauternes Fête le Vin 2022):

Château La Tour Blanche, Premier Cru Classé 1855
Château Doisy-Daëne, Second Cru Classé 1855
Clos Haut Peyraguey, Premier Cru Classé 1855
Château Gravas
Château Liot
Domaine de Carbonnieu
Château Quincarnon
Château Haut-Bergeron
Château Caillou, Second Cru Classé 1855
Château Villefranche
Château d'Arche, First Growth Classified 1855
Chateau Lamothe-Guignard, Second Cru Classé 1855
Château Filhot, First Growth Classified 1855
Chateau Guiraud, Premier Cru Classé 1855
Château La Clotte Cazalis
Chateau Lafaurie-Peyraguey, Premier Cru Classé 1855
Chateau Lamourette
Chateau Sigalas Rabaud, Premier Cru Classé 1855
Château de Myrat, Second Cru Classé 1855
Château Lafon