How we sell the wine


Our business strategy can be expressed in the following sentence: prices are low, but you can't buy one bottle from us.

We sell our wine by the carton (or wooden case), with each item indicating how many bottles the package contains.

The exception is the "Recommended" category, where we stock the wines that are most popular, especially for their value for money. The delivery time for these wines is 1-2 weeks.

For all other wines the delivery time is usually 2-9 weeks. These wines are in stock, but in France, so it takes a while for the bottles to arrive, then be received, then packaged and shipped to you.

 Briefly summarized:

- wide range
- low prices

- sale by carton
- longer delivery time.

Our customers are those who do not need to have the ordered bottle at home the next day. They prefer to wait and buy cheaper.


 However, let's take a look at it directly in the eshop