We visited Château Lafargue as part of the Portes Ouvertes Pessac-Léognan in June 2022. And it was a good choice. Mrs. Muriel Brunel, the sales director, greeted us still at the car park and was already inviting us in, inside, where the temperature was much more bearable.





She briefly introduced us to their winery and ... we started to taste. Muriel is a likable, action-packed woman who has worked at Château Lafargue since 1997 and knows everything you ask her. Just the man for the job. Well, about the wines ...

... we tasted:

Dauphin ou Château Lafargue 2018

Château Lafargue 2018

Château Lafargue Cuvée Alexandre 2019

Château Lafargue Cuvée Alexandre 2018

Prestige Château Lafargue 2018

Prestige Château Lafargue 2016





We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the wines. Especially the "prestige" ones were really excellent. For the evening, we bought a bottle of the 2018 vintage and the 2019 Château Lafargue Cuvée Alexandre on top.
These are excellent wines, I highly recommend them!


chateau-lafargue-bottle-2019-7deci   chateau-lafargue-2019-bottle-7deci