Domaine de Merlet


This winery is not large, with just over 4 hectares of vineyards. This was matched by a modest, but practical and in a way cozy space for wine tasting - a counter built just outside the door of the small vatroom, just in front of the stainless steel tanks. There was only one drawback: it was a bit cramped inside, i.e. in the shade. The June sun was beating down outside and it was not pleasant to let it heat you up at all.




But the mood was excellent and Joël Tauzin, the head of the winery and a member of the family that owns it, was in good spirits. We were not encouraged to taste his products. We went through most of the samples that were available, viz:

Domaine de Merlet 2019

Domaine de Merlet 2018

Domaine de Merlet 2017

Domaine de Merlet 2016


Domaine de Merlet Cuvée Prestige 2019

Domaine de Merlet Cuvée Prestige 2018


Domaine-de-Merlet-price-list-7deci       Domaine-de-Merlet-portes-ouvertes-discount-7deci



All of them were worth it, especially when we "paired" the prices from the small table on the counter. Especially the two Cuvée Prestige were excellent. Our words of praise for Joël and his colleague Jean were pleasing but not surprising.

"The ones across the road have the same thing, only twice as expensive ", they let themselves be heard. By the neighbours 'across the road' he meant Château Haut-Bailly (Cru Classé Pessac-Leognan). I have yet to taste a red from Château Haut-Bailly. It will probably be better than the Prestige from Merlet, but probably not by much. I would give the gentlemen here the benefit of the doubt. What they missed was the price. The Haut-Bailly wine is not twice as expensive, but at least five times as much !

Here, we had to buy at least one bottle for the evening. It was a Domaine de Merlet Cuvée Prestige 2018 and it was great.