Sometimes you're lucky... 





You always look forward to a visit to the iconic Chateau. You just never know in advance who will take you in. It could be a "hostess" type employee who has perfect knowledge of the winery, but basically acts like an employee. Or it could be the cellar master or technical director, who are also employees, but the visit is something else. The hostess keeps her distance and never pulls a bottle of en primeur samples of the latest vintage out of the cupboard. Whereas the cellar master will calmly take you to a tank and pour something that is still in the process of being made. Just out of curiosity. And also because during the visit, he'll know that you know something about wine and its technology. Just from what you ask him. And also by the feedback you give him when you taste what he gives you to taste.





Two ladies welcomed us at the winery and after a while the cellar master arrived. After a while the two ladies were replaced by a third. I'm sorry, but I won't write who it was. Not that I don't want to, but I don't remember.

Yes, it's a disgrace.




About halfway through the tour, I spotted another figure somewhere in the shadows. I don't want to say that our guides got downright nervous, but they started acting a little differently. The figure kept keeping a bit of aloof and not saying anything. It reminded me of someone. I thought it might be the owner. And... it was Mr. Owner. Mr. Henri Lurton himself. What a nice surprise! He did the rest of the tour in our midst, so to speak. It's great to ask questions and talk about wine with such a person and legend of the whole Margaux.





I don't know if Henri Lurton was in such a good mood or if he was interested in something, but he decided to give us his attention. He sent the staff to work and the tasting was now entirely his responsibility. There were two wines on the agenda: their second - Baron de Brane and then the Brane-Cantenac 2019.




The wines were amazing (especially their first Brane-Cantenac, of course), Henri was great and the experience was unique. Simply - a successful visit.


Sometimes you just get lucky ...